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Rail freight

Rail – for the long distances

“Speaking of the East-West axis, you are automatically talking rail freight. For import, export, transit: we offer the complete spectrum of rail freight services.” 

The longer the distances, the bigger the demand for rail freight. Rail freight combines high capacities, safe transportation, and low energy costs. Railways not only transport bulk goods over long distances, they connect sea ports to their hinterland and economic zones across political and geographical borders.

Militzer & Münch has accumulated experience in the rail freight business for more than one hundred years. We offer customized, flexible, multi modal transportation concepts to meet our customers´ transportation needs. Our top priorities: 100% transportation safety, timely delivery, maximum sustainability.

Our service portfolio comprises door to door shipments of containerized goods on board a container block train, as well as all pre- or post-rail transportation services such as pick up, pre-carriage and on-carriage, or application for special permits. Our customers also rely on our expertise in consulting and realizing the transport with the railway companies involved, and on our fast solutions as to, for example, the change of axles or the trans-loading of the cargo. Our customers always get highly customer-oriented, tailored solutions.

We execute our customer oriented and industry specific solutions in rail freight not only in Europe but also on different routes in the Commonwealth of Independent States, Mongolia, China, and Iran.

Our products & services in China:

  • international rail & container transportation on the rail networks of Europe, the CIS, Iran, Mongolia and China
  • multimodal transportation (including via the Trans-Siberian Railway)
  • pre-carriage, loading, securing cargo, reloading, supervision of transshipment
  • door to door shipments of containerized goods
  • tracking and tracing of wagon and container transports (including CIS territory)
  • own branch offices at CIS borders as well as corresponding partners
  • assistance in issuing freight documentation
  • application for permits and authorization for heavy lift and out-of-gauge shipments