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Militzer & Münch expands product portfolio for Central Asia

St. Gallen, 7 June 2017. The Militzer & Münch Group expands its region specific product portfolio in the road transportation segment. Effective immediately, weekly transports connect the Militzer & Münch groupage hub at Eichenzell with Central Asia and the Caucasus. With the new product, Militzer & Münch responds to an increase in demand for transports to these regions – particularly from the chemical, machine engineering and appliances sectors as well as from the high-end consumer goods industry.

With about 65 million inhabitants in Central Asia and about 16 million in the Caucasus, these two regions represent huge economies with a wealth of resources and partly growing sales markets. “Central Asia and the Caucasus are important trade partners for European countries”, says Dr. Lothar Thoma, CEO M&M Militzer & Münch International Holding AG. “Our expanded product portfolio enables us to offer our customers additional transport capacities and to meet the rising demand.” 

Militzer & Münch pre-carries the groupage road shipments to Eichenzell with the support of longtime partner CargoLine. With scheduled weekly departures, the goods are loaded onto group-owned trucks, and customs cleared for transit through the non-EU country.  

Groupage and part load shipments 

After customs clearance by Militzer & Münch customs brokers, the local Militzer & Münch unit or representation in the country of destination delivers the goods to the end consumer upon request. “We offer the new product for groupage shipments as well as for part loads”, says Nikolaus Kohler, Regional Managing Director Middle East / Central Asia at Militzer & Münch. “On this trade lane we also use special equipment like refrigerated trucks and additionally offer solutions for the road transportation of certain classes of dangerous goods.” In specific cases, upon the customer’s request, on-time tracking of the shipment with a daily status report is offered. Especially with urgent goods or hazardous substances transparency is given through information.

Central Asia gains more and more importance 

In Central Asia and the Caucasus, Militzer & Münch has already been operating its own organizations for decades. At the 13 Militzer & Münch locations in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia, the Militzer & Münch Group employs a staff of about 200. Transports to these regions by road, rail, water or air are among the Militzer & Münch Group‘s core activities.  

M&M Militzer & Münch at a glance 

The Militzer & Münch Group employs a staff of about 2,000 at 100 locations in around 30 countries. Strategic partnerships in numerous other countries complete the dense network. Militzer & Münch offers worldwide air and sea freight services as well as road and rail transports and project logistics along the East-West axis in Eurasia and North Africa. The Group operates with a dense network of branch offices in Eastern Europe, the CIS, the Middle East and the Far East as well as in the Maghreb countries. The head office of the company that goes back to 1880 is in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland.